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How to Get Back to Work After Vacation? 0

How to Get Back to Work After Vacation?

How to Get Back to Work After Vacation? Even though many of us think that our body and spirit will recharge during vacation and be ready for a fresh start, frequently many of us become stunned with a huge pressure and a lot of stress in the very first days at work after return. However, a period immediately after vacation usually imposes a lot of stress on many of us and left us confused about what has happened. The period after the vacation is known as post-vacation depression. To overcome this post-vacation blues, experts suggest doing several things. According to them, a preparation period is extremely important. They recommend getting back at least two days before we continue working. One or two days before work will help us get back into a routine, normalize our sleep schedule and take rest after travel. It is useful to get information about what was going on in our office during our time-off. This information serves to prepare us psychologically to what expects us. The good idea is to make a plan to cope with a pile of work effectively. This process will give us a sense of control that is one of the...

Are Self-Esteem and Happiness Related? 0

Are Self-Esteem and Happiness Related?

Are Self-Esteem and Happiness Related? Are Self-Esteem and Happiness Related? According to numerous studies, self-esteem was considered essential for happiness. However, a new study released that they both can exist independently. Namely, they have found that self-esteem and happiness are not dependent on each other. They conduct the study of the group of 621 people aged from 51 to 95 years. During their research, they have discovered that people who have a high level of self-esteem can be happy and unhappy. They have speculated that people who have high self-esteem and feel unhappy are those who are aware of their skills, competencies, education, etc., but are not satisfied with the realization. On the other hand, people who have experienced a low level of self-worth and self-confidence can also be happy and unhappy. Scientists found out that the people with a low sense of self-worth who feel happy are usually outgoing and extremely social. From the research, they concluded that social factor is hugely important for someone’s feelings of happiness. People who have a strong social network and deep trusty friendships report feeling happy. Moreover, people who have several friends with whom they have developed long-term friendships are usually happier than...

Fear of Success 0

Fear of Success

Fear of Success When it comes to success, failure is the most important obstacle that we associate it. Surprisingly, fear of success can prevent us from attaining success, even more. But, why is that? And, how can we know does fear of success prevent us from our goals? According to psychologists, the both sexes are prone to develop a fear of success. They claim that a huge number of people are victims of the fear, but they do not know it. The reason for this is because the fear is unconscious. It usually expresses itself through self-sabotage. Therefore, many people can make some stupid mistake or overlook something obvious and essential just one step before their goal. The similar situations usually happen because we suppressed our fears, hide them, and stop thinking about them. In this way, they flourish in our unconscious mind. If we want to move on from the point of self-sabotage, it is necessary to admit and recognize the fear. Some people are afraid of change. Even though they do everything consciously to succeed, they resist change and reject success unconsciously. Others find standing out too difficult and exhausting that they ignore their chances for success. To...

How to Cope with Failure 0

How to Cope with Failure

How to Cope with Failure Failure is a necessary part of success. Many successful people report their experience with failure, emphasizing its importance in their overall success. Even though failure can be a part of the bigger picture, it certainly does not evoke comfortable feelings. We are afraid of failure and try to cope with it as best as we can. The first thing we should face is negative feelings, feelings of incompetence, and insecurity. Many people often have hard times finding them guilty for mistakes they made. To release those feelings, experts suggest acknowledging them and then, forgive ourselves. Until we forgive, we will not be able to take responsibility and right action. In short, we cannot move on. One of the most common obstacles in the process is – take failure personally. Keeping our expectation about a certain situation realistically will help us overcome perfectionism and accept our humanity. We are not super humans; we are just human beings trying to create something out there. Allowing the space for mistakes is essential to our way to success. It will lessen tension and stress. It will boost our creativity and make us more productive and effective. To find out...

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients 0

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients Whenever we encounter serious life difficulty such as life-threatening illness or loss of a close person, many of us become more spiritual than before the event. The same is true for cancer patients. Namely, a new study examined the role of spirituality in cancer patients. The researchers examined 44,000 cancer patients and found out that patients who are more spiritual tend to experience fewer symptoms, and their illness gets a milder form. Cancer patients who cope better with their illness were the ones who already have a sense of purpose, believe in God’s guidance and benevolence. They better respond to treatments and have better health. On the other hand, patients who believe in God, but God who is cruel, punishing and rigid, do not show better results than the patients who considered themselves as an atheist. According to Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, a German psychotherapist, each disease appears as a result of inner disharmony of our soul. He explains that cancer occurs in people who want to suppress inner growth, patients who resist change and would do anything to secure the status quo. But, it is not life. Life is in a constant state of...