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Why Are Eggs Good for Our Health? 0

Why Are Eggs Good for Our Health?

Why Are Eggs Good for Our Health? Eggs have been present at the humans’ table for centuries. They belong to oldest foods, and as such, they had been consumed by Egyptians, Sumerians, ancient Greek and Romans. However, in our modern world, eggs somehow become ambiguous food. There are many misconceptions and myths, hovering around this highly nutritious animal product. The most widespread myth is about cholesterol. Namely, eggs have long been considered as bad food for our heart health because of their high level of cholesterol. For this reason, many of us reduced the number of eggs in our diet, while others completely excluded this precious food from their menu. Today, we know that cholesterol is very important for our health, and it comes in two forms – dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol refers to one we take from food while blood cholesterol is a product of our body. Scientists have revealed long ago that dietary cholesterol has no effect on our blood cholesterol. They go even further and claim that one egg per day is ideal for our general health condition. According to them, eggs represent highly nutritious food, rich in vitamin D, protein, and vitamin B12,...

Healthy Gut Is a Foundation Stone to General Health 0

Healthy Gut Is a Foundation Stone to General Health

Healthy Gut Is a Foundation Stone to General Health Our gut health usually does not concern us too much until we encounter some typical gut issue, such as diarrhea, bloating, or constipation. Before we notice any of these clear signs that something is happening in our digestive system, we tend to neglect the condition of our gut. However, medical experts warn us that the health of our gut is a foundation stone for our general health. A healthy gut is the most important in maintaining a good function of the immune system. Namely, the microflora of our digestive system can affect the body’s capabilities to defend itself against various microorganisms. If microflora is well-balanced, we probably will not get any bacterial or viral infection. Moreover, medical experts say that gut health can prevent many other diseases like inflammation, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and depression. If good bacteria in our gastrointestinal system (GI) exceed bad bacteria then microflora is well-balanced. To illustrate the influence of the microflora of our gut on overall health, the article “The Importance of Microbial Diversity in Gut Health and Disease” gives us an overview of the effects of its positive bacteria. Healthy Gut Is a Foundation Stone...

Health benefits of cinnamon 0

Health benefits of cinnamon

Health benefits of cinnamon Cinnamon was once highly compelling spice for hot beverages and cakes, which aroma was spreading around through the cold winter nights. Its popularity had reached its peak in ancient Egypt, where it had been valued like gold. The Egyptians had not used cinnamon as spice only, but also for embalming. They also had recognized its health benefits. Cinnamon was one of the first spices that come to Europe from the Near East. In Medieval Europe, cinnamon was used as a cure for many illnesses, such as cold, flu and arthritis. It comes in two varieties: as Ceylon cinnamon, which is cultivated in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, the Caribbean, India and Brazil; and as Cassia cinnamon, which grows in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. Ceylon cinnamon is known as “true” cinnamon, and it does not carry any risk of toxicity. However, the second type, also known as Cassia, can cause problems when taken regularly or in larger doses, because of its ingredient – coumarin. Coumarin can affect the liver and for that reason, Cassia cinnamon is not recommended for people with any liver disease. To avoid the risk of coumarin toxicity, it is better to restrict the use of...

What Foods Decrease Testosterone in Men? 0

What Foods Decrease Testosterone in Men?

What Foods Decrease Testosterone in Men? When it comes to testosterone and its deficit, the first thing that comes to mind is low sex drive in men. However, according to experts, low testosterone does not only lower sex drive in men, but it also affects men’s ability to concentrate and influence their mood. Medical experts also associate lower testosterone with osteoporosis and appearance of belly fat. While the level of testosterone can be affected by aging, it can be also caused by male hypogonadism, a disease that disturbs gonad function. On the other hand, low testosterone level can occur as a result of long-term exposure to certain foods. According to medical experts, the food like soy, cheese, rice, cereals and chocolate can significantly decrease testosterone levels. Some go even further, claiming that even yogurt can lower this male hormone if drinking too often. They also warn men to avoid canned food or minimize their consumption, at least. A troubled substance that is used for making inner layers of canned packages is known as bisphenol A or BPA. If taken too frequently, this dangerous substance can cause not only lower testosterone but also heart problems, diabetes, male infertility and even, tumors....

Health Benefits of Chili Peppers 0

Health Benefits of Chili Peppers

Health Benefits of Chili Peppers Chili peppers had been unknown in European countries for centuries. They had lain hidden from the rest of the world until Christopher Columbus arrived in America. With the help of Spanish and Portuguese navigators, chili peppers were transported to other parts of the world, where they were quickly incorporated in local cuisines. On the other hand, this spicy food had been one of the essential ingredients of Mexican cuisine since 3.500 BC. Even before Mexicans began cultivating chili peppers, the plant has been used as a medicine, spice, and a cure that can prevent from witchcraft. According to ethnologists, Aztecs and Mayas had consumed it and the plant had been known in South America from 7.000 BC. Aztecs and Mayas had used chili peppers to heal the body, help with colds and cure depression. Since then, we have cultivated a great number of cultivars that differ among themselves by their shape, color and intensity. A substance that gives chili peppers hot flavor and pungency is capsaicin. Its intensity is measured by a scale that has established by American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville and is reported in Scoville heat units (SHU). The scale extends from 0 scores...

How Drinking from Cans and Plastic Bottles Affects Blood Pressure 0

How Drinking from Cans and Plastic Bottles Affects Blood Pressure

How Drinking from Cans and Plastic Bottles Affects Blood Pressure Bottled and canned beverages as well as canned food, are the regular part of our everyday diet and lifestyle. While many of us are concerned with sugar quantities and types of additives in consumed food, the majority of us are almost blind to the negative effects that plastic and canned packaging can have on our health. Namely, a new study has revealed a presence of a questionable chemical substance, called bisphenol A or BPA. This substance, scientists link with the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. The most common effect of BPA is increasing of blood pressure. For that reason, the Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of BPA in babies’ and children’s bottles and cups. To understand how drinking from cans and plastic bottles affects blood pressure, the article “BPA in Canned Goods May Raise Your Blood Pressure” explains its effects. How Drinking from Cans and Plastic Bottles Affects Blood Pressure “We found that drinking two canned beverages increased systolic blood pressure by 5 mm Hg,” said lead researcher Dr. Yun-Chul Hong, director of the Environmental Health Center at Seoul National University College of...

Benefits of Flax Seeds 0

Benefits of Flax Seeds

Benefits of Flax Seeds Flax seeds are powerful food, rich in proteins, fibers, omega 3 oils, and lignans. It also contains many essential vitamins and minerals. This plant had been known in ancient Babylon since 3000 BC. Even at that time, flax seeds have been recognized as a super-food. Today’s researches suggest that the main three ingredients that make flax seeds super food are: Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. According to studies, the presence of omega 3 fatty acids can stop spreading tumor in animals and prevents it from growing further. On the other hand, lignans in flax seeds melt the plaque from blood vessel walls. In this way, they do not only decrease atherosclerotic plaque, but also lessen LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Therefore, flax seeds are very powerful foods that can prevent all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. The third essential ingredient in flax seeds is a fiber that affects glucose levels in a positive way, thus preventing diabetes from occurring. To learn more about the benefits of flax seeds, the article “Flaxseed” describes several studies that have examined its positive effects on human health. Benefits of Flax Seeds There are no authorised health claims for flaxseed,...

Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise 0

Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise

Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise Researchers have concluded that 6 seconds bursts of exercise can radically improve the health of elderly people.  High Intensity Training (HIT) has attracted a lot of attention for promising some of the same benefits as conventional exercise but in a much shorter time. Please check out our post:-  

Elect Cigs 0

Elect Cigs

Elect Cigs Electronic cigarettes may be the answer to quitting smoking and this is backed up by a recent article which points out that they are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Arguably, smoking an e-cigarette is not really smoking at all, since you’re inhaling not actual smoke, but instead a vapour from a relatively harmless vegetable product such as propylene glycol. Elect Cigs The article admits however that:  “The industry has yet to produce results of large-scale randomized human studies to back their claims.”, and that: “When citing examples of how electronic cigarettes have helped people quit tobacco smoking, the industry uses anecdotal evidence, usually citing well known individuals, rather than statistically convincing data.” The article goes on to explain the way e-cigarettes work:  “E-cigarettes, or vapor cigarettes, work by superheating a cartridge that gives the smoker a dose of nicotine in the form of water vapor. This vapor can be flavored with cherry, chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, and menthol. The body absorbs the nicotine and then exhales this water vapor, which the industry claims leaves no harm to the person or its surroundings. Sellers of e-cigarettes say the water vapor has no chemicals or carcinogens (cancer causing substances)...