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How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair Ingrown hair can rarely represent a big issue, but it can be annoying, boring and irritable, especially if frequently appears. It causes redness and little bumps on the skin that resemble hives, provoking itching and scratching. Although every man can occasionally have a problem with ingrown hair, the men with curled and coarse hair can experience this annoying phenomenon more often. In those men, cutting hair too close to the skin can cause the curly […]

What Triggers Eczema in Men?

What Triggers Eczema in Men? Skin is the largest organ in our bodies that protects our inner organs from our immediate environment and constant fluctuation in the outer world. According to medical experts, skin condition uncovers the state of our overall health. If we experience low immunity or long-term tiredness, our skin will reflect it – usually by losing its glow, freshness, elasticity, and color. However, if we go through a period of turbulences, such as stress, anxiety, or illness, […]

Why Finding Life Purpose Is Essential for Our Health

Why Finding Life Purpose Is Essential for Our Health In our modern technological era, many of us are busy digesting a lot of information that are rarely necessary and important for our functioning. It is also true that our busy lifestyle does not give us much time to ask ourselves questions like: What gives meaning to our lives? What are our unique gifts? And, what inspires us and makes us happy? It is especially important to ask ourselves such questions […]

How to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

How to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat Summer heat represents a great risk not only for people with the cardiovascular disease, but also for healthy people. The real challenge we all are experiencing is how to stay hydrated in the summer heat. According to medical experts, dehydration puts our bodies in the danger zone, where we can experience exhaustion, fatigue, headache, and even heart stroke. A main problem with dehydration is that people often miss to recognize its symptoms […]

Summer Tips for Men

Summer Tips for Men It does not matter whether we are on vacation, an outing, or just spend some time in outdoor activities – our skin needs to be protected. Not only that the sun can make new wrinkles on our face, but also can damage our skin seriously. If we expose unprotected skin to sun rays between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., we can earn sunburns and sun spots while our skin can lose its natural shine and becomes […]

What Foods Are High in Zinc?

What Foods Are High in Zinc? Zinc has an enormous impact on our immune system, quality of sleep, and our skin. It produces more than 300 enzymes and takes part in a variety of metabolic processes in our bodies. Zinc is also known as the mineral that contributes to the growth of white blood cells, and helps them fight effectively against different diseases. When we speak about men’s health, zinc is the number one nutrient that improves their sexual health. […]

Benefits of Solitude

Benefits of Solitude In our modern society and the era of social networks, many people have less and less time for themselves. Many men are overly busy, involved in so many connections that rarely go beyond from a superficial level of relationship. A modern man tries to juggle various roles – team member, husband, father, son, friend, brother, etc., trying to satisfy all expectations that come from other people. In this way, it is very easy to lost the most […]

Benefits of Protein

Benefits of Protein Protein is one of the essential nutrients in our bodies, crucial for building our muscles and tissue regeneration. It is also necessary for the functioning of our immune system and provides our bodies with energy. Although following recommended daily intake should be easy, there are many myths about protein that can confuse us. According to medical experts, recommended daily dose for protein intake is about 50 grams for women and 65 grams for men. One of those […]

How to Begin Meditating

How to Begin Meditating Although science has proven many benefits of meditation on our health, it is still hard for many beginners to establish meditation as a regular practice. Before they experience meditation as beautiful, inspiring, and joyful activity, they encounter a lot of obstacles that can distract them from meditation. Even though there is no right or wrong way to meditate, experience has shown that many beginners face similar problems when meditating. Many beginners tend to be overly concerned […]