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Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Facts Label Grocery shopping can be very much like walking into a battlefield, where you are outnumbered by the enemy. Before you know it they surrounded you and you’re deep in enemy territory. Everywhere you look there is nothing but piles and piles of food. What do all these products have in common? Nutrition Facts Label They’re all claiming to offer health benefits their competitors cannot. However, you should be wary of the nutrition facts label. Sometimes the presented […]

What Is BPA

What Is BPA What is BPA? BPA stands for bisphenol a, a chemical found in everyday items that acts like an artificial estrogen and can throw your hormones off balance. Recent research is now showing that the side effects of this chemical can be especially damaging for men. What Is BPA BPA has been linked to several physical and mental issues including breast cancer, prostate cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, kidney damage, heart damage and behavioral problems. However, more recently […]

Sleep Health

“Sleep Health” Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. Many people suffer from such sleeping disorders as insomnia and irregular sleeping patterns. Lack of sleep can have several negative mental and physical effects. For example, studies have shown that lack of sleep is related to increased levels of stress and increased weight gain. So why can other people sleep through the night and you can’t? Your diet could be the answer. Sleep Health Research is saying that certain nutrients create better […]

Foods for Flu

Foods for Flu When you’re lying in the bed with a runny nose, a fever higher than Mount Everest and a head ache that could knock a heavy weight out eating healthy is the last thing on your mind. However, eating the right foods for flu and eating healthy could help fight that nasty flu bug. The problem that most people have is foods for the flu are usually vegetables and even if you’re thirty, no one wants to eat […]

Alcohol and Cancer

Alcohol and Cancer Alcohol is something that is common across many cultures around the world. It serves as a stress relief after a hard day’s work, gathers friends and family together to reunite and tingles the taste buds. But what if alcohol could give you cancer? Alcohol has been labeled as carcinogenic, but it was believed that the substance only created any significant risk in heavy drinkers. However, new research suggests that even moderate drinking could be putting your health […]