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Conventional Therapy Of Liver Diseases

Conventional therapy of liver diseases Liver diseases don’t have many conventional treatment options. Most of these diseases are avoided through prevention. However medicine has been able to advance and discover treatments for many of the serious diseases that cause chronic liver disease and liver failure. All liver diseases require a lot of rest and serious diet modifications. The rest is essential as the liver can’t put up with the metabolic demands of the body. Increased stress and work would lead […]

Alternative Therapies For Heart Diseases

Alternative therapies for Heart Diseases Nature has always managed to attract people who are looking for treatment without harmful side effects of the medicine. This has been same for people with heart diseases and this constant search has led to effective alternative therapy options for hypertension and high cholesterol. It must be taken care of the fact that natural therapy could only provide prevention. One must take alternative therapy with the conventional therapy to have better control and long lasting […]

Diseases Affecting The Liver

Diseases Affecting The Liver Liver is the largest internal organ of our body.  It performs numerous actions that keep a body active and balanced. Without a liver, one might die within a few hours as there is no artificial substitute that could mimic the liver’s functions yet. Liver is one of the resilient organs. Liver has the capability to regrow damaged parts of the organ; this is why most of the serious diseases discussed here tend to go chronic or […]

Conventional therapies for the heart diseases

Conventional therapies for the heart diseases Medical advancements have made it possible to treat and stabilize heart diseases, increasing the life expectancy of a heart patient by several years. The conventional treatment if taken regularly also has the ability to undo the damage to the heart, improve its efficiency and save it from irreversible remodeling that leads to chronic heart failure. All heart diseases start with this conventional therapy regime: ACE Inhibitors or ARBs Beta blockers and Calcium channel blockers […]

Diseases of the Heart

Diseases of the Heart Diseases of the heart probably have the most public awareness at this point in time. This is because there are many common factors that lead to heart diseases; stresses, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, old age are some of them. Since it is not possible to discuss each and every heart disease in this article, the article will discuss the most common acquired diseases. At least 55% of the US nation is somehow involved in the hypertensive […]

Alternative Treatment Options For Kidney Disease

Alternative treatment options for Kidney disease. Alternative medicine is the new “in” thing in the world of medicine and its benefits have been the reason for its undeniable popularity. Alternative medicines give a ray of hope to people with end stage chronic kidney disease and on dialysis to improve their health without a trip to the hospital multiple times a week. However, it has to be noted that alternative medicine is much more efficient when used long term for prevention […]

The Heart

The Heart The heart symbolizes life. The regular beating of the heart shows that each system on the body is performing in balance and doesn’t need additional nutrition or oxygen to perform its optimal function. Hear beat is one of the basic things that are checked when a person is ill; without a heart, life isn’t possible for long. The heart’s main function is to pump the blood to all parts of the body. The heart receives the blood in […]

Conventional Treatments Of The Kidney

Conventional treatments of the kidney Conventional treatment options for Kidney Disease Conventional therapy for kidney disease refers to the allopathic approach to it; these options try to reduce the burden on kidney and remove toxins from the body with medical intervention. Conventional treatments aim in trying to reduce the disease with fairly aggressive regimes when it comes to the medicines. These will range from diet modifications to dialysis three times a week depending at what stage the kidney failure is. […]

Diseases That Affect the Kidney

Diseases that affect the kidney Kidneys are small sized filtering units of the body that take around 40% shares in managing and balancing the internal environment of the body. Genetics could gift you resilience or sensitivity to disease when it comes to kidneys. Co morbid diseases like hypertension and diabetes, frequent infections and renal stones cause 75% of the kidney failures seen worldwide. Renal Cancer and polycystic kidney disease are rare as they have strong genetic and environmental factors involved. […]